Dynamic companies are increasingly seizing cross-border opportunities to build their businesses. We have the insight and agility to create the strategies you need to respond quickly to ever-changing tax laws.

Given the globalization and interaction among countries and regions, Grant Thornton is committed to provide integral quality services.

We work with Grant Thornton International’s worldwide network in order to offer integral and timely services required to support our clients’ international businesses within and outside Uruguay.

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Newsletter Expatriate tax newsletter Read more

Consulting, internal audits and diagnosis on  valuation for custom purposes

In order to detect irregularities, prevent risks due to compliance failures, optimize your operations and leverage tax benefits, we offer to our customers consulting, internal audits, and diagnosis services.

Most customs are expressed as a percentage of the value of goods being declared for importation. Thus, it is necessary to address whether these base is accurately measured for the purpose avoiding unnecessary customs duty liabilities.

Our specialists in this area can help your business assess the value of imported goods which is the basis for determining customs duty.