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Transfer pricing

Transfer pricing ebook

More and more fiscal authorities continue to develop their transfer pricing laws. The principles are common, although interpretations differ from one tax authority to another. Compliance takes time and patience, and the demands and penalties from authorities are increasing. There is greater emphasis on examination and audit activity to encourage compliance and ignoring this issue is not an option for any well-run business.

This international transfer pricing ebook provides an overview of the different transfer pricing rules and regulations in key countries and details of how you can get further advice from Grant Thornton specialists who can help with:

  • audit support – sophisticated economic arguments, research and databases can help defend transfer pricing policies before the tax authorities
  • documentation – using expert local knowledge to prepare country-specific documentation to satisfy local tax regulations
  • planning – the growth or restructuring of a company doing business internationally provides an opportunity to review transfer pricing and tax planning to minimise tax burdens
  •  supply chain re-engineering – the critical analysis of the supply chain to gain operational efficiencies.

For a more detailed discussion on any of the country specific transfer pricing rules, or for further assistance in addressing and resolving any inter-company transfer pricing issues, please contact the relevant country contact listed at the back of this guide.