Staying ahead of disruptive change

The environment for business is changing faster now than at any time in recent history. Forces such as globalisation and rapid technological change are disrupting traditional business models and creating huge challenges for organisations, both privately owned and publicly listed. At Grant Thornton, we help our clients understand these forces and their impact, and formulate solutions to keep them ahead of disruptive change.

We offer a full suite of services to address the biggest challenges businesses face across any sector or global market: sustaining and financing growth, managing risk and talent, optimising operations and protecting value. Our relentless focus on client success makes business consulting one of the fastest growing areas of our business.

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Federico Stanham
Local Leader
Federico Stanham

Our clients choose Grant Thornton because:

  • We offer proactive and responsive teams, led by engaged and accessible partners. As a result, the organisations we work with consistently rate us more highly than our largest competitors on client satisfaction and loyalty.
  • A flatter structure and short decision-making chains mean we can move swiftly to support our clients and deliver a flexible, agile service.
  • We focus on providing services in areas where we have deep expertise and know that we can add value for our clients.

Supporting our clients

Our business consulting services help organisations improve operational performance and productivity throughout the growth life cycle. Our services include:

Financial management

Successful financial transformation will increase the value of organisations financial functions by shifting its focus from managing transactions to analysing information and informing decision makers. We strengthen finance operations through a review and improvement of financial processes, systems and functions to help drive profitable growth, business understanding and reduce costs.

Productivity improvement

To maintain growth, organisations must remain flexible, agile and profitable - which requires systematic improvement across people, process and technology. Across the supply chain, the key is to understand which activities are no longer needed and which ones should remain. We help our clients optimise processes across the organisation, leveraging appropriate technologies, and considering the impact on people to help achieve strategic growth goals and reduce risk.


Our technology solutions services address a broad range of process, technology and organisational needs across finance, supply chain, HR functions and cyber-security. We support your business and technology functions to engage, specify and deliver scalable solutions for you and your customers.

Change and programme management

Large scale transformative programs, such as ERP deployments and post-merger integration efforts, fall behind schedule and many exceed their original budget – impacting overall return on investment and increasing business risk. We apply a structured approach to transitioning organisations from a current state to a desired future state, ensuring that change is fully integrated and sustainable across a business.

Strategy and markets

Business strategy can be a complex journey incorporating a myriad of decisions that are constantly made in a dynamic and ever changing environment. Our strategy and performance improvement professionals have the tools, experience, expertise, and insights to support our client’s growth ambitions throughout their strategic journey in today’s constantly evolving global economy.

Human capital

People are the driving force behind any enterprise and a shortage of the right people is a top concerns for executives worldwide. Our deep experience, tailored optimisation tools, and focus on business outcomes help clients meet this challenge and turn talent into a competitive advantage. We support businesses with the strategic elements of the human capital challenges that face, from organisation design to training and managing cultural change.