Residences and tax advice to high net worth individuals

Our pofessionals have an extensive background in performing the migratory formalities required for obtaining Uruguayan Legal Residence, as well as tax review in order for foreign individuals to acquire the status of Uruguayan Tax Resident.

The Residences team seeks to assist the individual comprehensively, ranging from the personal and family migratory aspect to the individual tax situation as a consequence of the relocation to our country. This team further works jointly with the Tax Department, and assists foreign individuals seeking to obtain their tax residence in Uruguay, including expatriates and other specific groups of individuals, such as high net worth individuals (HNWI). In all cases, the efficiency and impacts that the change of residence creates both in Uruguay and the individual’s home country is analyzed, working closely with their home country’s tax advisors.

Our services for obtaining legal residence comprise assistance in all aspects of the relocation of the individual or expatriate, including without limitation obtaining the provisional identification sheet, temporary or definitive legal residence, citizenship certificate, Uruguayan identification document, approval of foreign driving license, documents required for international relocations and assistance in procedures before consular sections of the interested party’s home country. Our tax residence services include comprehensive tax advice for individuals, registration before Uruguayan tax bodies, and obtaining tax residence certificates, among others.

Tax Partner

Javier Otegui

Nicolás Juan
Managing partner - Head of Tax
Nicolás Juan