Our audit services provide value added and cost efficient solutions combined with a bespoke approach

At Grant Thornton Uruguay, we assume a great commitment with the quality of our work and we do it by prioritizing relationship and open and opportune communication with our clients.

Our global methodology is innovative and dynamic, adaptable to national or multinational companies and is leveraged in the latest technological tools, which allows our clients to have more efficient audits with a greater evidence base.

Grant Thornton’s audit services have been designed to help you manage the complex combination of risks, resources and information. Our professionals work alongside your organisation to helo you understand which are the key risks and the way they should be approached successfully. We employ tcutting edge technology in order to provide bespoke services according to the particular needs and circumstances of your business.


Our teams can provide you with innovative assurance services in:

  • Financial statement audits and reviews
    - For consolidation, statutory, legal, fiscal purposes and for third parties ie Banks, suppliers, Central Bank, among others.
    - Prepared under the different local accounting frameworks (IFRS, IFRS for SME, etc.), according frameworks (e.g. US, Argentine, Brazilian, Chilean GAAP) and according to various audit frameworks (Local audit standards, ISA, BCRA, CNV, CVM, SVS, SEC, etc.)
  • Agreed upon audit procedures
  • Special reports and certifications for third parties and/or Regulators
  • Special purpose audits on financial and non-financial information
  • Training and advisory for implementation of IFRS and IFRS for SME.
  • Professional certifications on Accounting, financial and non-financial ratios, etc.


Why Grant Thornton?

We have the size, scope, breadth, depth and global reach to serve dynamic organisations around the world. Our teams can provide you with assurance services that deliver real value and support investor confidence.

We coordinate, cooperate and communicate based on our shared global strategy, which ultimately leads to greater consistency and better quality.

Audit Partner

Rafael Sánchez

Local leader

Juan Pablo Fernández